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TJEP FS-40 GAS 3G fencing stapler

TJEP FS-40 GAS 3G fencing stapler
Item no. 100260
EAN no. 5702551002605
Type Gas Nailer
Size (L×W×H) 373 × 108 × 356 mm
Weight 3.93 kg
Shot per fuel cell Ca. 1,100
Shot before recharging Ca. 8,000
Length 25 - 40 mm
Width 12.8 mm
Diameter 3.15 mm
Used for
Insulation wire, Wire fencing

Gas-powered stapler for fastening of wire fences etc. Perfect for the demanding tasks, and no need for compressors and hoses. The stapler is well-balanced and extremely powerful, ensuring perfect insertion, even in hardwood. Depth of drive can be adjusted, so the stable can be inserted fully or the thread can be allowed some clearance. ( ekstra nose for mounting in hard wood is included )

Key product features

  • Great balance
  • Non-slip grip – extremely low recoil
  • Adjustable depth control
  • Top load
  • Smooth no-mark nose
  • Belt hook


  • 1.100 shots per fuel cell
  • 8.000 shots before recharging

Supplied with

  • Plastic case
  • 2 TJEP batteries
  • TJEP battery charger
Item no.ProductFinish
841988 TJEP FS-40 staples 33 mm
841990 TJEP FS-40 staples 40 mm

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Did you know that TJEP has more than 10 GAS nailers?