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TJEP CN 25/68 ring nails

Item no. 836568
EAN no. 5702558365680
Quantity 6,000 pcs.
Boxes / pallet 42 pcs.
Shank Ring shank nails
Finish Galv. 12µ+
Head Full head
Angle 15°
Diameter 2.5 mm
Length 68 mm
Weight 17.38 kg
CE CE-marked according to
EN 14592 / EUROCODE 5
Item no.Product
100057TJEP PC-90 coil nailer
100034TJEP PC-90 Excellent
100048TJEP CN-70 coil nailer
100049TJEP CN-80 coil nailer
100044TJEP CN-90 coil nailer
Paslode P350C
Paslode P275C
Paslode CNW70
Paslode CNW90
Max CN 70
Max MCN 80
Max MCN 890
Max HN-90
Did you know that TJEP has more than 10 GAS nailers?