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TJEP CN 28/80 twisted nails [DISCONTINUED]

Item no. 836281
EAN no. 5702558362818
Quantity 4,500 pcs.
Boxes / pallet 42 pcs.
Shank Twisted nails
Finish Bright
Head Full head
Angle 15°
Diameter 2.8 mm
Length 80 mm
Weight 17.54 kg
CE CE-marked according to:
EN 14592 / EUROCODE 5

TJEP CN 28/80 twisted nails has been discontinued and replaced by:
SIGMA M4x8 SB, GALV. UG T-Nut 6.000 pcs. (3067) BOX (6000 PCS)

Item no.Product
100042CN-130 coil nailer
100057TJEP PC-90 coil nailer
100034TJEP PC-90 Excellent
100049TJEP CN-80 coil nailer
100044TJEP CN-90 coil nailer
100357TJEP CN-100 EPAL coil nailer
100185MAKITA AN936H HP coil nailer
100174TJEP PC 90 HP 2G Coilnailer
100190MAKITA AN935H HP coil nailer
100199MAKITA AN911H HP coil nailer
Paslode P350C
Paslode CNW90
Max MCN 80 tromle
Max MCN 890 tromle
Max HN-90 tromle
Did you know that TJEP was established in 1964?