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TJEP TF-18/50 GAS brad nailer [DISCONTINUED]

TJEP TF-18/50 GAS brad nailer
Item no. 100810
EAN no. 5702551008102
Type Gas Nailer
Size (L×W×H) 315 × 86 × 274 mm
Weight 2.13 kg
Shot per fuel cell Ca. 1,100
Shot before recharging Ca. 4,000
Length 15 - 50 mm
Diameter 1.2 mm

TJEP TF-18/50 GAS brad nailer has been discontinued and replaced by:
TJEP TF-18/50 GAS 2G brad nailer

See the manuals online here:
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Did you know that TJEP has more than 10 GAS nailers?