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New powerful 4" nailer

The popular 4” nailer is now available in a new and more powerful version.

The new TJEP GRF 34/105 is the most powerful 4” pneumatic nailer on the market. It shoots up to 105 mm nails perfectly – every time!

Extreme power, new rear loading function and compact size make the TJEP GRF 34/105 the perfect tool for nailing raftering, roof battening, laths, outside siding, boarding, flooring etc. The nailer is well balanced and user-friendly, and it features tool-free depth of drive adjustment.

Key product features

•    Quick rear loading
•    Light and handy – only 3.8 kg
•    Adjustable depth control
•    From single shot to bump fire by simply turning a knob
•    Non-slip grip
•    Adjustable air exhaust
•    No-mark pad

Note – you may also consider the TJEP GRF 34/105 GAS, which is optimum if bringing a compressor is no option, or if you simply prefer to work without a hose.

Did you know that TJEP has more than 10 GAS nailers?