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Second generation of TJEP gas nailers

New gas-powered nailers introduced earlier than planned

Introduction of the new generation of gas nailers is scheduled for 1 January 2013, but already now, the first models of generation 2 are sold.

Improved products ľ same price
Second generation of the gas nailers has been improved in a number of areas. The specific improvements are listed in the coming TJEP product catalogue, which will be available around 1 November. Characteristic for all next-generation nailers is the word Ĺ2Gĺ and the trigger being orange (in the first generation, the trigger is black).

However, one important thing remains unchanged: Prices for the gas nailers are the same as before.

Delivery from 1 October 2012

TJEP GRF 34/90 GAS 2G s°mpistol

TJEP GRF 34/90 GAS 2G framing nailer
Item no. 100806
EAN no. 5702551008065
Nail length: 50 - 90 mm

Used for:
raftering, plywood, laths, siding, flooring, boarding, decking

TJEP GRF 34/90 GAS 2G s°mpistol

TJEP KA 4060 GAS 2G anchor nailer
Item no. 100831
EAN no. 5702551008317
Nail length: 40 - 60 mm

Used for:
metal connector plates

TJEP HA-35 GAS 2G haftenpistol

TJEP HA-35 GAS 2G Haften nailer
Item no. 100828
EAN no. 5702551008287
Nail length: 22 - 35 mm

Used for:
Haften, tin roofs, zinc sheathing, covering

TJEP PQZ-75 GAS 2G klammepistol

TJEP PQZ-75 GAS 2G stapler
Item no. 100836
EAN no. 5702551008362
Nail length: 35 - 75 mm

Used for:
boarding, flooring, Fermacell

Delivery from 1 November 2012

TJEP TF-18/50 GAS 2G stiftepistol

TJEP TF-18/50 GAS 2G brad nailer
Item no. 100811
EAN no. 5702551008119
Nail length: 15 - 50 mm

Used for:
glazing beads, secret fixing, panelling, cabinets, displays

Delivery from 1 January 2013

TJEP TF-16/64 GAS 2G dykkerpistol

TJEP TF-16/64 GAS 2G finish nailer
Item no. 100816
EAN no. 5702551008164
Nail length: 18 - 63 mm

Used for:
wood ceiling, coving, dado, skirting

TJEP VF-16/64 GAS 2G dykkerpistol

TJEP VF-16/64 GAS 2G finish nailer
Item no. 100819
EAN no. 5702551008195
Nail length: 32 - 63 mm

Used for:
wood ceiling, coving, dado, skirting

Did you know that TJEP has more than 10 GAS nailers?