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TJEP gas nailers popular on construction sites

Efficiency and service rated as excellent by customers.


Among the ’stars’ in the comprehensive range of gas nailers from Unimerco Fastening are the TJEP KA 4060 GAS for metal connectors and the 4” nailer TJEP GRF 34/105 GAS for roof battening etc.

Already before the nailers were introduced, they had been subject to intense testing, and now customer feedback shows high satisfaction with the new nailers on construction sites throughout Europe.

Powerful and effective
Four roofers from the company Montage Service Direkt in Leidersbach, Germany, have been using the TJEP GRF 34/105 GAS for roof battening.

The carpenters used the nailer for both 31/75 and 31/100 ring shank nails, and they were all happy with the high impact force of the gas nailer. The nailer made it possible to insert 75 mm and 100 mm nails in a jiffy, but the tool was almost too powerful for the 75 mm nails. Here, the depth control had to be reduced considerably to prevent the nails from going too deeply into the wood.

The roofers also liked the fact that the nailer holds two rows of nails at a time, meaning there is less interruption of the work. In spite of the gas nailer’s physical dimensions, the mobility was praised by customers.





Time saving of 50%
At Van Energy in Finowfurt, Germany, the anchor nailer TJEP KA 4060 GAS has been working hard – really hard. A carport system had to be covered by 18,000 m2 of wooden roof, meaning that 15 workmen had to insert almost 250,000 nails over a period of 40 working days before the work was completed.

It soon became clear that using traditional pneumatic nailers was not an option, since working on the slanting roofs required maximum freedom of movement. Thus, according to Van Energy’s estimates, the TJEP KA 4060 GAS has meant a 50% reduction in time spent – at least.

A hard frost meant that working conditions left a lot to be desired. Therefore, the workmen initially experienced the TJEP anchor nailers as a little sluggish to work with. However, replacing the existing fuel cells with TJEP all-season fuel cells, making it possible to work at temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius, proved an effective solution to the problem.

Super service
Even though the TJEP products are competitively priced, the great service and the close dialogue with customers are never compromised. 

In large construction projects, challenges relating to tools and materials will always arise, but Van Energy rates the guidance from Unimerco Fastening throughout the whole process as “excellent”.

Without this close and effective partnership, it would not have been possible to finish the building project in time, the German construction company states.

Did you know that TJEP was established in 1964?